Originally born in Russia she began her music journey at age 6 while attending music school and get introduced classical music as violin and academical vocal. Glafira left home to explore the world and gain experience working in various countries. In 2015 India offered her a haven where she managed to learn and grow her skills both as a performer/model and a DJ. In 2018 she has also had a stint of playing in the Bangkok underground scene.

From 2020 Glafira played at some of the most popular venues and international festivals in Goa, including Sunburn Solaris festival, The Gardens of Babylon, Odyssey festival and more. She has recently shared stage with the likes of famous local and international artists like Paji, Mulya, Aiwaska, Balthazar &Jackrock, Deborah De luca, Nakadia, Betoko, Jan Blomquist, Mind Against and more… Glafira continues to develop an unmistakable sound through the production of her own music.